Lorenz Attractor

Very simple “fractal”, the Lorenz Attractor. You can download the maxscript I wrote to create your own. Below you can also see the maxscript to create the Lorenz Attractor with most common values (no UI). Copy paste it to Maxscript listener (reddish box in the bottom left corner of max) and press Enter.

fn l p=([p.x+((-10)*(p.x-p.y))*0.018,p.y+((-p.x)*p.z+28*p.x-p.y)*0.018,p.z+(p.x*p.y-p.z*8/3)*0.018]);undo off(mp=[0.1,0.1,0.1];mb=SplineShape();addNewSpline mb;mb.steps=2;for i in 1 to 10000 do (mp=l mp;addKnot mb 1 #smooth #curve mp))

Read the Wikipedia article about it here.