Donald Duck

Here is something I was working on at Piñata for Sanoma Magazines. I was responsible for 3D, except for modeling the heads, which was done by Sami Sorjonen. Tuomas Korpi Photoshopped the whole image together. In Finland Donald Duck is called Aku Ankka, hence the name on the plate.

Milk Coral

Looks pretty… funny. Anyway, the point of this image is that it doesn’t contain a single triangle. It is rendering entirely using my BerconMetaballs, which raytraces the metaball surface instead of meshing it. BerconMetaballs is avaiable for free as open source software, licensed under Apache 2.0 license.


With this image, most of the credit goes to people at Piñata. I was only responsible for some maxscripting. Modeling the rollercoaster by hand would have taken ages, so I was tasked to create it entirely with maxscript. I think it came out pretty convincing. The script takes out the control splines (Picture #2) and…

Finland’s House Of Parliament

Something I did at Piñata. Done in 3ds max and rendered it with VRay. The wood material is my own procedural BerconWood map. I randomized the materials with maxscript so each block is unique. Worn look was achieved by rendering mask of the block edges and then mixing plain wood material using this the mask…

Blå Band Wheat

Something I was working on at Piñata. I did the wheat in 3ds max and rendered it with VRay. It was then heavily painted over in Photoshop by Tuomas Korpi. The background and all the other elements were also done in Photoshop by Tuomas. Getting the lighting and material right was pretty tricky and we ended…