Schematic Material Editor 1.0

Download Schematic Material Editor requires 3ds Max 8, 9 32bit or 9 64bit. Installer (executable) for all max versions sme_1_0 About Long awaited tool for 3ds Max, while its not perfectly integrated and lacks drag’n’drop support for materials its relativly easy and fast to use. With this making very complex, animated and procedural materials and maps…

Bercon PFlow +

Modified Spawn and Collision Spawn operators for maxscripters. Both store the particle ID of their parent to spawned particles Integer channel. In addition to this the modified Collision Spawn test also stores the normal vector of the object at the impact point into Vector channel. Install: Download the file, unpack it, select the correct plugin file…

Sierpinski Pyramid

Classic Sierpinski Pyramid fractal object for max. You can adjust size, degree (supports different degree for render) and type (tetras and pyramids). Works only in 3ds max 9 32bit. Instal: Save file to 3dsmax/plugins/ folder, the new object will appear under “Fractals” category when you next time start 3ds max. SierpinskiPyramid  

Donald Duck

Here is something I was working on at Piñata for Sanoma Magazines. I was responsible for 3D, except for modeling the heads, which was done by Sami Sorjonen. Tuomas Korpi Photoshopped the whole image together. In Finland Donald Duck is called Aku Ankka, hence the name on the plate.