Metaball plugin I wrote for VRay. The geometry is generated during render time so it doesn’t take any memory and is always smooth. Basically it is rendering the isometric surface so no triangles are used. The plugin is open source and Chaosgroup has compiled versions for later versions of VRay. Binaries and source code:¬†BerconMetaball_2010_11_22

Random 3d models

Here are some 3D models of mine for free for any use. Scenes may require additional mental ray shaders or other plugins which are all available for free (models work just fine without, scenes just render in black). You can find most, if not all, here WaxCar Horse Seahorse Skull Chess


Notice! The maps continue to be available here, but I’m not providing any support for them. They are open source and licensed under Apache 2.0. If you need another type of license for them please contact me via email. If you wish to have these maps on later 3dsmax versions than supported by existing binaries,…

FloorGenerator & MultiTexture

I wrote these two tools for CG-Source. Floor Generator creates the floor geometry of any shape and you’ll have full control over all parameters from beveled edges to tilt of the planks. To accompany this floor is MultiTexture map which gives you the ability to randomly assign any number of bitmaps to the generated floor.…