Bird Removal from Time-lapse

December 9, 2013

About a year and half ago I wrote a VirtualDub filter for removing birds and other fast moving objects from time-lapse videos. The reason why you would want to remove them in the first place is that if you take pictures at one minute intervals. Then compile a video out of them. A bird will…

Skrolli 2013.3

October 5, 2013

Highway 4k and “kilobyte raytracer” were mentioned in the latest Skrolli magazine.

Real time lens flares

October 5, 2013

Combining lens flares from tutorial made by John ChapmanĀ and hexagonal blur DICE uses in Frostbyte you get the following. The nice features of this type of lens flare it that it doesn’t rely on any extra information about the image such as positions of the light sources. It works solely on the pixel data. However,…

Glory, fame and prizes!

October 3, 2013

Something to fill bookshelves with from Assembly summer 2013. See Highway 4k and Kornell Box to learn more.

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